Golden Pineapple, we are committed to reaching a zero-waste production cycle.

Our products are cultivated and produced from East Kalimantan, in an integrated supply chain setup.

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Skilled Pineapple Farmer

Awesome Customer Service

High Quality Products

Great Fruit, and Great Pineapple

Our passion is to provide Quality Super Grade Pineapple from Indonesia. With a background of farmers who have decades of experience in growing pineapples to produce Super Grade quality, this is the driving force for our company to move forward with you.

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Nutritious & Delicious

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Growing a Better Future

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Strength through Synergy

About Us

We Are Professional Pineapple Fruit Supplier - Grade Super

Golden Pineapple Indonesia has become a producer of premium pineapples and fresh fruits. The company is currently able to export to various countries around the world.

What We Do

Professional Service and
High Quality Product

We are committed to being sustainable by implementing such strategies to our upstream and downstream operations.


Superior seed quality.

Caring for fruit plants

Experienced treatment mechanism.

Distributing the harvest

Trusted by various companies in the world.

Special Offer

Indonesia Product

0% Zero-Waste

Get detail product

Packing Care

We are observant in packing the fruit to keep it in good condition.

Certification and Documentation

service with certainty of product documents from the Government of Indonesia.

Customer Satisfaction

Excellent quality and clear documents make our customers satisfied working together

"In the end it was your belief that made us grow."


We will reach all corners of the world.

We are registered on.


Our commitment is to distribute prosperity to farmers.

Let’s increase productivity and welfare together


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